3 Questions on Quebec HEALTHCARE Priorities : Quebec’s Bill 52 will cause the death of people who should not be euthanized

Why isn’t the Quebec government investing in health care for Quebecers instead of euthanasia?

Why isn’t the Quebec government providing accessibility to a family doctor for every Quebecer?

Why is it not speeding up access for screening to detect diseases like cancer?

Quebecers need a law to ensure access to health care in a timely manner, for family doctors and medical services, and for palliative care when needed. We do not need a law for rapid access for euthanasia.

In Quebec, the government has already reduced access to new drugs for breast, lung, and bowel cancer and lymphoma. Approvals for new anti-cancer drugs covered by the Quebec health insurance plan have been reduced from 77% in 2012 to 31% in 2013. Many people in their forties and thirties – even as young as twenty – will not have access to these cancer-fighting drugs. However, the health insurance plan will cover the cost of the lethal injection if the law is passed.

The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice denounces the adoption in principle of Quebec’s Bill 52 which promotes euthanasia. This law will cause the death of people who should not be euthanized. Experience shows that safeguards and controls do not work in countries and U.S. states where euthanasia and assisted suicide is practiced. There are hundreds of cases of people who do not give consent. Bill 52 will enable and encourage people, including the young, with physical illness such as cancer or psychological problems such as depression to abandon medical treatment that could otherwise save their lives and be euthanized instead.

The Coalition’s position against euthanasia is supported by the World Medical Association representing nine million physicians.


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